Effective Community Engagement: Back to the Basics to Counter Violent Extremism and Other Youth Crimes

  • Clarke JonesEmail author


Jones draws on his research working with Muslim communities in Melbourne and Sydney to criticise Western governments’ approaches to violent extremism and to propose a new, community-led programme. He argues that the current focus in dealing with violent extremism is risk-based and police-led and thus lacks “real connection to what is happening on the ground”. Instead, Jones suggests a new ‘strength-based’ approach, which focusses on ability and potential, not problems and deficits. He adds that this approach would ideally be community-driven and would thus allow for greater inclusion of the individuals’ social circles. Jones concludes that making Muslim youth feel more incorporated within their societies is likely to stifle radicalisation and movement towards violent extremism.


Community Intervention Risk-based Inclusion Policy 

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