Grammar-Based White-Box Testing via Automated Constraint Path Generation

  • Bijoy Rahman ArifEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 755)


Software testing is an indispensable procedure for assuring software quality and test case generation is one of the major stages of software testing odyssey. In this paper, the author presents a grammar-basedwhite-box testing which integrates some source code analysis, grammar-based test generation, and constraint solving as a whole. A preliminary implementation of grammar-based white-box testing, Java White-box Unit Tester (JWBUT), has been developed. JWBUT can generate well-distributed authentic test cases using the grammar-based white-box testing scheme, which starts from static analysis of Java source code, transforms control flow into context-free grammar (CFG), applies to grammar-based test generator to produce a set of constraint paths, and finally, generates test cases by solving the constraint paths. The author has experimented JWBUT on a set of Java methods to demonstrate the effectiveness of grammar-based white-box testing.



I am really thankful and grateful to Dr. Hai-Feng Guo (University of Nebraska—Omaha), Dr. Qiuming Zhu (University of Nebraska—Omaha), and Dr. Yaoqing Yang (University of Nebraska—Lincoln) for their kind help.


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