Pen-Drive Based Password Management System for Online Accounts

  • Samruddhi PatilEmail author
  • Kumud Wasnik
  • Sudhir Bagade
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 755)


This paper presents a system that manages user’s password using pen-drive as a key for storing and protecting it from attackers, hackers, and from loss. Nowadays users are using single or easy password for all website accounts because they can be easy to remember but it increases chances of attack, also user sometime uses single password for all accounts. Instead of remembering or using same passwords, in this system we use pen-drive to store password and login to online accounts. Pen-drive is popular for storage of different files like audio, text, data, and video. In our password management system, passwords are stored in a password-protected file which is saved in Pen-drive and retrieved by application. The application stores the password and corresponding URL temporarily on PC and use till pen-drive is connected to the PC. Our system can solve the password memorability problem for user and also protect password from various attacks. Our System addresses the security issues like Confidentiality, Integrity and Authentication because of two-level protections. In first level, password is stored on users own pen-drive and in second level, pen-drive is protected by password.


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