Impact of Thermophoretic MHD Visco-Elastic Fluid Flow Past a Wedge with Heat Source and Chemical Reaction

  • Bibhash Deka
  • Rita ChoudhuryEmail author
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An analysis is carried out to investigate the boundary layer flow of an electrically conducting visco-elastic fluid past a wedge in presence of thermophoresis, heat source, chemical reaction and magnetic field with heat and mass transfer. The problem has been solved by the application of steepest descent method used by Meksyn. Analytical expressions for the velocity, temperature, concentration, shearing stress, Nusselt number and Sherwood number have been obtained and illustrated graphically to observe the effects of visco-elastic parameter with the combination of various values of pertinent flow parameters involved in the solution. The relevancy of this model has been observed in various chemical and industrial processes.


Visco-elastic Boundary layer MHD Wedge Thermophoresis Chemical reaction 


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