Second-Order Fluid Through Porous Medium in a Rotating Channel with Hall Current

  • Hridi Ranjan DebEmail author
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Thermal and mass diffusion of time-dependent hydromagnetic second-order fluid through porous medium has been considered. The porous medium is formed between two vertical parallel plates. The buoyancy force generates the free convection. In this investigation the effect of external heat agency is also considered. The governing equations of the flow field are solved using regular perturbation technique. The expressions for velocity, temperature concentration and skin friction are obtained analytically. The variation of skin friction with the combination of different flow parameters computed using MATLAB software is represented graphically.


Second-order fluid Heat and mass transfer MHD Porous media Hall current 



I gratefully acknowledge to Dr. R. Choudhury, Professor, Department of Mathematics, Gauhati University for her valuable help during the preparation of the paper.


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