Modelling and Analysis of Bio-convective Nano-fluid Flow Past a Continuous Moving Vertical Cylinder

  • Debasish DeyEmail author
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Analysis of two-dimensional boundary layer flow of nano-fluid past a continuous moving cylinder has been carried out under the influence of bio-convection. The fluid flow consists of nano-sized particles and gyrotactic micro-organisms. Micro-organism is induced to stabilize the movement of nano-sized particles. Mathematical modelling of the fluid flow has been done by using conservation principles of mass, momentum, energy, species concentration, and micro-organism concentration respectively. Similarity transformations have been used to convert partial differential equations into ordinary differential equations. Equations are solved numerically using MATLAB built in bv4pc solver technique. Results are discussed graphically and numerically for various flow parameters involved in the equation.


Brownian diffusion Gyrotactic micro-organism Bio-convection Nano-fluid Peclet number 


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