Liquid-Based Cytology Technique for Thyroid Cytology

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Liquid-based cytology (LBC) is currently an acceptable technique utilized by most cytology laboratories across the world. Two different techniques are approved, ThinPrep® (Hologic Co., Marlborough, MA, USA) employing methanol fixation and a filtration-based methodology and SurePath® (BD Diagnostics-TriPath, Burlington, NC, USA) employing ethanol fixation and a sedimentation-based methodology. While both methods have been proven to perform equally or better than conventional direct smears, they both induce their own set of artifacts as a result of the wet fixation, methodology used, and elimination of manual spreading. It is now acknowledged that pathologists need to be acquainted with LBC and how it differs from direct smears to gain enough experience before implementing it in their practice. This chapter reviewed the up-to-date literature on LBC and describes the morphologic presentation and diagnostic tips for the different thyroid lesions on both LBC techniques.


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