Cost Evaluation of Virtual Machine Live Migration Through Bandwidth Analysis

  • V. R. AnuEmail author
  • Elizabeth Sherly
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 750)


Live migration permits to transfer constantly running Virtual Machine from source host to destination host. This is an unavoidable process in data centre in various scenarios such as load balancing, server maintenance and power management. Now, live migration performance optimization is an active area of research since performance degradation and energy overhead caused by live migration cannot be neglected in modern data centres; particularly if critical business goals and plans are to be satisfied. This work analyses the effect of proper bandwidth allocation during cost-aware live migration. Here, we design a cost function model based on network bandwidth between live migration process and service based on queuing theory. From experimental analysis, we infer that link bandwidth is a critical parameter in determining VM live migration cost.


Bandwidth Cloud computing Downtime Live migration Virtualization 


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  2. 2.IIITM-KTrivandrumIndia

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