IoT-Based Vibration Measurement System for Industrial Contactors

  • J. JebishaEmail author
  • X. Anitha Mary
  • K. Rajasekaran
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 750)


Vibration analysis is made to study the behavior of the contactors during abnormal conditions. Contactors are electrical devices which are used in many applications such as lighting control, conveyor systems, and so on. Contactors produce noise and vibration during abnormal conditions, which shows that it is a bad contactor. At present, the testing of contactors, whether good or bad, is done manually which is prone to human error. This paper presents the set up which uses vibration sensor to measure the vibration. The sensors used here are accelerometer and vibration sensor. The obtained vibration is analyzed using LabVIEW software. From the analysis made, a threshold is set to differentiate the good contactors from the bad ones. This method is very cheap to implement. It provides better accuracy than many other existing methods. Further, the number of good contactors detected per day will be intimated to the higher officials through cloud computing.


Vibration Contactor LabVIEW Accelerometer sensor Contact time 



The authors would like to thank Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences (deemed to be University) for providing all the necessary facilities to carry out the experiment successfully.


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