Social Interaction and Stress-Based Recommendations for Elderly Healthcare Support System—A Survey

  • M. JananiEmail author
  • N. Yuvaraj
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 750)


Healthcare awareness is being increased due to an advancement made on technology and medical science field for providing consciousness about nutrition, environmental, and personal hygiene. Aging population increase life expectancy globally and cause danger to socio-economic structure in terms of cost related to wellbeing and healthcare of elderly people. Migration of people to cities and urban areas affects healthcare services in great extent. Nowadays, cities present in the world invest heavily in digital transformation for providing healthy environment to elderly people. Healthcare application is merely based on activity, social interactions, and physiological signs of elderly people for the recommendation system. Measurement of physiological signs may include wearable or ambient sensors to gather information related to elderly people health conditions. Better recommendations can be provided to elderly people merely based on three terms. First, recommendations through personal details of elderly people collected in day-to-day life. Second, measure of health conditions such as pulse rate, blood pressure and heart beat. Third, social interactions based stress of elderly people in social media is determined by collecting elderly people posts and updates. Depending on the unruffled information recommendations are generated.


Elderly assistance HCA Social interaction Recommendation system 


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