Big Data-Based Image Retrieval Model Using Shape Adaptive Discreet Curvelet Transformation

  • J. Santhana KrishnanEmail author
  • P. SivaKumar
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 750)


Digital India program will help in agriculture field in various ways, including a weather forecast to agriculture consultation. To find all the causing symptoms of diseased leaf, the knowledge-based Android app is proposed to refer the disease of a leaf. The user can directly capture the disease leaf image from their smartphone and upload that image into the app, and they will get all the causes and symptoms of a particular disease. Moreover, users can get information in the form of text and audio in their proffered language. This system will accept the query based on images and text format which is very useful to the farmers. In this proposed work, texture-based feature extraction using Shape Adaptive Discreet Curvelet Transform (SADCT) is developed using big data computing framework.


CBIR––content-based image retrieval SADCT––shape adaptive discreet curvelet transform HDFS––Hadoop distributed file system 


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