Traffic Signal Automation Through IoT by Sensing and Detecting Traffic Intensity Through IR Sensors

  • Sameer ParekhEmail author
  • Nilam Dhami
  • Sandip Patel
  • Jaimin Undavia
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 106)


Traffic detection and controlling system are based on Internet of Things. The proposed system is based on this emerging concept as it collects the data and shares the data with others to take effective decisions. The main objective of the Dynamic traffic control system is to automate the current traffic controlling system in India. In an existing traffic control system, the traffic lights are controlled with fixed timing switching signals. This system has a lot of drawbacks because in this method, the actual density of the traffic is not monitored, so the vehicles stay maybe for longer time then needed. This problem can be solved by means of actual detection of density of the traffic. The proposed system detects the traffic density using IR sensors and accordingly, micro-controller controls the switching of the traffic lights. So, this paper demonstrates the dynamic traffic controlling system over the static and traditional traffic controlling system.


IoT (Internet of Things) Traffic density detection Traffic controlling Traffic detection Arduino IR sensor Android 


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  • Nilam Dhami
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  • Sandip Patel
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  • Jaimin Undavia
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