An Overview of Internet of Things: Architecture, Protocols and Challenges

  • Pramod AswaleEmail author
  • Aditi Shukla
  • Pritam Bharati
  • Shubham Bharambe
  • Shekhar Palve
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 106)


Internet of Things is a fast-emerging technology, flourishing in many trends, like making smart homes, industries, health care, and many more. From a technological outlook, it allows the expansion of fresh protocols and circumstances, as the existing protocols cannot handle the increasing amount of devices connected and the data being transferred. Internet of Things (IoT) can be defined as the prevalent and worldwide network which helps in delivering a system for checking and regulating the physical world with the help of protocols and IOT sensors. The IOT enforces that all objects, like smartphones, smart watches, and similar gadgets insert with the other components as in sensors linked to a common network so any individual may communicate with any resource at any time when required, by using a source that is known in the network. This paper confers a rational survey of architecture, protocols, applications, and challenges in context of Internet of Things.


Internet of Things (IOT) IOT architecture IOT protocols 


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  • Pritam Bharati
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  • Shubham Bharambe
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  • Shekhar Palve
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  1. 1.Department of E & TCSandip Institute Of Engineering and Management NashikNashikIndia
  2. 2.Department of E & TCSandip Institute of Technology and Research CentreNashikIndia
  3. 3.Savitribai Phule Pune UniversityPuneIndia

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