Slot-Loaded Multiband Miniaturized Rectangular Microstrip Antenna for Mobile Communications

  • Sajeed S. MullaEmail author
  • Shraddha S. Deshpande
Conference paper
Part of the Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies book series (SIST, volume 106)


In this paper, the design of multiband miniaturized Rectangular Microstrip Antenna(RMSA) with selective frequency bands for mobile communications has proposed. The miniaturization techniques for proposed microstrip antennas have been discussed. The dual-band Rectangular Microstrip Antenna (RMSA) operating in orthogonal modes (\(TM_{01}\) and \(TM_{10}\)) is designed first, and then it is miniaturized using the slot-loaded technique, followed by two slot antennas that are introduced for extra WIFI and LTE bands. 23% miniaturization of multiband miniaturized RMSA relative to the dual-band RMSA, without significant change of radiation characteristics, is achieved. Radiation characteristics of multiband miniaturized RMSA such as radiation efficiency (\(\eta \)), gain (G), and bandwidth (BW) at three different frequencies of interest are observed.


Rectangular microstrip antenna Miniaturized antenna Multiband antenna Compact microstrip antenna 


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