Collaborative Simulation Method for Research of Armored Equipment Battle Damaged

  • Jun-qing HuangEmail author
  • Wei Zhang
  • Wei Liu
  • Tuan Wang
Conference paper
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The collaborative simulation method was used to guide simulation research of armored equipment battle damaged included many realm complicated technology. Entity models of armored equipment were established base on basal function part of armored equipment partitioned and high precision entity model platform used. Numerical models of ammunition power were established base on explicit dynamic finite element analyzing program. Basal data of armored equipment battle damaged research by numerical analysis. Base on entity models of armored equipment and characteristic of ammunition damaged element, the result of armored equipment battle damaged was confirmed base on mutual effect of ammunition and armored equipment analyzed and the rule of armored equipment part damaged applied. By practice, the method of armored equipment battle damaged simulation based on collaborative simulation is feasible and operational, it can be used to research armored equipment battle damaged.


Collaborative simulation Armored equipment Battle damaged 


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  1. 1.Training Center, Army Armored Military AcademyBeijingChina

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