Production of High-Quality Biodiesel by Scenedesmus abundans

  • S. K. Mandotra
  • A. S. AhluwaliaEmail author
  • P. W. Ramteke


The ever-increasing need of energy both in the domestic and industrial front has augmented the consumption of fossil fuel; consequently, complexity arises owing to exhausting fuel supplies and due to their contribution to climate change by the emission of large quantities of greenhouse gases. The renewable, economic, and carbon-neutral biofuel from algae has made it a promising feedstock that can curtail global dependency on rapidly depleting fossil fuel-based petro diesel. Moreover, higher biomass and cellular lipid accumulation competence and economic sustainability even in large-scale production make algae a better choice than other existing oil crops. There are quite a few studies reporting number of green microalgae as a potential feedstock for biofuel production. Accumulation of lipid in microalgae is species dependent, and in potential strains it ranges from 25% to 60% of dry cell weight, in modified growth conditions; however, some microalgae are reported to accumulate more than 60% of cellular lipid content. The present chapter is specifically aimed to review freshwater green microalga Scenedesmus abundans as a prospective feedstock for high-quality biofuel production.


Algae Scenedesmus abundans Biofuel Biodiesel Biomass 


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