Provincialising Europe Through English Literary Studies in India

  • Kamalakar Bhat


Kamalakar Bhat’s paper explores an alternative method to teach English literature by drawing from Dipesh Chakrabarty’s theoretical idea of ‘provincialising Europe’. It is argued that by adopting this approach, we can teach the text not as having universal significance but with reference to the reader’s immediate cultural context thus effecting displacement that undermines the ‘colonial’ power of the ‘English’ text as well as values the student’s cultural context. The paper elaborates the two techniques of this approach – the technique of displacement and the technique of reducing the subjectifying function of the ‘English’ literary text.


Provincialising Europe Displacement Postcolonial pedagogy Literature teaching Subjectifying Dipesh Chakrabarty 


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  • Kamalakar Bhat
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  1. 1.Department of EnglishAhmednagar CollegeAhmednagarIndia

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