Medical and Color Image Compression with Fractal Quadtree with Huffman Coding for Different Threshold Values

  • Sandhya KadamEmail author
  • Vijay Rathod
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 810)


Fractal Image Compression (FIC) is characterized by long encoding time and high Compression Ratio (CR). Further, as medical images being voluminous, a high CR is required to reduce the storage space. Fractal Image compression adopts affine transforms. In view of this, the present paper aims in providing an implementation of a hybrid approach by combining Quadtree fractal with Huffman coding with different threshold values and a comparative analysis of the different types of input images such as color as well as different modalities of medical images as MRI and X-ray to achieve high CR by still retaining the quality of the image. The implementation is carried out and results are obtained using MATLAB. The performance parameters as encoding time, compression ratio PSNR, and decoding time are compared. The results have shown that with an increase in threshold value, CR increases with a decrease in image quality for color as well as medical images.


Fractal Quad-tree decomposition Hybrid methodology Medical image compression Threshold 


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  1. 1.Faculty of EngineeringPacific Academy of Higher Education and ResearchUdaipurIndia
  2. 2.Head of DepartmentSt. Xavier’s Technical InstituteMumbaiIndia

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