Energy-Aware Approach for Routing Protocol by Using Centralized Control Clustering Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Nada Al-HumidiEmail author
  • Girish V. Chowdhary
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 810)


Routing in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has a primary task for data transfer from source to the sink. Due to restricted battery power of the sensor nodes, there is a necessity to take in consideration while designing a routing protocol in WSNs the power saving of sensor nodes. Several routing protocols employing hierarchical-based clustering technique have been proposed for WSNs, however most of them still have such challenges which can be represented in minimizing the energy consumption and maximizing the network lifetime, simultaneously. In this paper, an improved method EACCC is proposed by extending the centralized clustering technique in order to achieve higher efficiency for energy, longer lifespan of network and network scalability. The performance of EACCC is evaluated and justified through extensive analysis, analytical proof, comparison, and implementation. The results show that the proposed method is highly efficient and effective in term of balancing the consumption of energy and prolonging network lifetime.


WSNs Routing protocol Centralized algorithm Network lifetime 


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