Hostel Rooms Power Management and Monitoring Using Internet of Things

  • Meenakshi Patil
  • Vijay D. ChaudhariEmail author
  • Hemraj V. Dhande
  • H. T. Ingale
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 810)


Power saving is the important issue nowadays, and it is more critical in hostels because of some irresponsible students who leave the room without switching OFF the tubes lights and fans. So, for controlling this wastage of electricity in hostels, we have tried here to develop this system that helps in monitoring and managing the electrical power requirement. In this system, IR sensors sensed the presence of students in the room with the help of counter. When it counts one, it means students enters the room, this counter increases and so on. When the student leaves the room, it decreases the count and when it reaches up to zero, this indicates that no one is present in the room. At this time, after few seconds, the switches will automatically turn OFF, if it is ON, and this information will be sent to the server/cloud where the authorized person can see or watch all the activities in the room. Here, we need only Internet for watching the online process. This will be in the form of notification where it will show the room number, OFF time. The other feature of this system is, when such notifications will be seen on the screen, one SMS will be sent to the student about Rs. 100/- penalty or punishment. Internet of Things plays a vital role in this system. This promotes students to become responsible about careful utilization of electricity.


ATmega 328p ESP8266EX Optocoupler IR sensor Electrical power IoT 


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  • Vijay D. Chaudhari
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    Email author
  • Hemraj V. Dhande
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  • H. T. Ingale
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