Wire Retrieval Method: Stent- and Snare-Based Retrieval Technique

  • Vipul GuptaEmail author


A 48-year-old male presented with brainstem stroke due to a giant fusiform basilar aneurysm. During the planned stent placement, the tip of the Traxcess 14 guidewire (Micorvention, CA, USA) detached in the vertebral artery (Fig. 53.1a).

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  1. Gunnarsson T, Da Costa L, Souza MPS, et al. Guidewire tip detachment during Stent-Assisted coiling of an intracranial aneurysm. Interv Neuroradiol. 2009;15:93.CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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  1. 1.Neurointerventional Surgery, Stroke UnitArtemis Agrim Institute of NeuroscienceGurgaonIndia

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