Shelfing Technique for Stent-Assisted Coiling of Bifurcation Aneurysms

  • Vipul GuptaEmail author


A 54-year-old lady presented with transient ischemic attack of right middle cerebral artery territory. Investigations revealed unruptured distal anterior cerebral artery aneurysm (Fig. 21.1a, b). It was a dominant ACA, and bilateral callosomarginal trunks and peri-callosal arteries were arising from the aneurysm. The case was planned for stent-assisted coiling.

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  1. Yen Du EH, et al. LVIS Jr ‘shelf’ technique: an alternative to Y stent-assisted aneurysm coiling. J Neurointerv Surg. Scholar

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  1. 1.Neurointerventional Surgery, Stroke unitArtemis Agrim Institute of NeuroscienceGurgaonIndia

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