Analysis and Simulation of HV-CMOS Assemblies for the CLIC Vertex Detector

  • M. BucklandEmail author
  • on behalf of the CLICdp collaboration
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One of the design concepts currently under study for the vertex detector at the proposed Compact Linear Collider is a High-Voltage CMOS sensor, fabricated in a commercial 180 nm technology, capacitively coupled to a hybrid readout chip. Tests of the assemblies were carried out at the CERN SPS using 120 GeV/c pions, covering incident angles ranging from \(0^{\circ }\) to \(80^{\circ }\). The measurements have shown an excellent tracking performance with an efficiency above 99.7% and a spatial resolution of \(5\,\upmu \hbox {m}\) to \(7\,\upmu \hbox {m}\) over the tested angular range. These results were then compared to TCAD simulations carried out using simulations, showing a good agreement for the current-voltage, breakdown and charge collection properties. The simulations have also been used to optimise future sensor design.


CLIC Vertex detector HV-CMOS Capacitively coupled pixel detectors Testbeam Simulation TCAD 


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  • on behalf of the CLICdp collaboration
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