Upgrade of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter for the High Luminosity LHC

  • F. TangEmail author
  • on behalf of the ATLAS Tile Calorimeter System
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The ATLAS hadronic Tile Calorimeter (TileCal) covers the central angular region of the detector. The TileCal will undergo a major replacement of its on- and off-detector electronics in 2024 for the high luminosity program of the LHC. The TileCal signals will be digitized and sent directly to the off-detector electronics, which will store them in fixed-latency buffers and digitally construct and transmit trigger sums for the Level-1 trigger at a rate of 40 MHz. The improved signal resolution and precision will allow more complex and effective algorithms to be implemented in the Level-1 trigger hardware. Three different front-end options are currently being investigated for the TileCal upgrade with extensive test beam studies to determine which option will be selected. The off-detector electronics are based on the Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) standard and are equipped with large, modern FPGAs and high-performance optical links. The on-detector electronics are designed to operate in a high radiation environment and has a high level of redundancy. The large scale, high performance FPGAs are also extensively used for the logic functions and data links in data acquisition for on-detector electronics. A hybrid Demonstrator prototype with the new calorimeter module electronics, but still compatible with the present system, is planned to be inserted in ATLAS in one of the next winter shutdowns.

We present the components of the Tile Calorimeter upgrade for the high luminosity LHC, the production and performance of the readout electronics prototypes, the results of the beam tests at CERN and the plans for the next years.


LHC HL-LHC Tile calorimeter Analog front-end readout ATCA 


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