Simulation of the ATLAS New Small Wheel (NSW) System

  • Koki MaekawaEmail author
  • on behalf of the ATLAS Muon collaboration
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New Small Wheel (NSW) is a major detector upgrade project of the ATLAS muon spectrometer for the LHC luminosity upgrade. NSW comprises sTGC and Micromegas as muon tracking detectors of high rate capability, and front- and back-end electronics for upgrading the muon level-1 trigger. Detailed simulation of the detectors and the electronics has been developed and used for the study of expected performance. An overview of the NSW system and some results of the trigger performance with the Micromegas are presented.


ATLAS Muon New Small Wheel (NSW) 


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  • Koki Maekawa
    • 1
    Email author
  • on behalf of the ATLAS Muon collaboration
  1. 1.ICEPPThe University of TokyoBunkyo-ku, TokyoJapan

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