Integration and Characterization of the Vertex Detector in SuperKEKB Commissioning Phase 2

  • H. YeEmail author
  • (On behalf  of the BEAST2 Collaboration)
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As an upgrade of asymmetric \(e^+e^-\) collider KEKB, SuperKEKB aims to increase the peaking luminosity by a factor of 40 to \(8\times 10^{35}\) cm\(^{-2}\)s\(^{-1}\). The SuperKEKB commissioning is achieved in 3 phases. The Phase 1 was successfully finished in June 2016. Now the commissioning is working towards the Phase 2 targeting to reach the luminosity of \(1\times 10^{34}\) cm\(^{-2}\)s\(^{-1}\). In Phase 2, the beam induced background versus luminosity and beam current will be further investigated, to ensure a radiation safe operation environment for the Belle \(\text {II}\) vertex detector during the Physics data taking in Phase 3. Closed to the beam pipe, 2 pixel and 4 double-sided strip detector layers will be installed, together with the dedicated radiation monitors, FANGS, CLAWS and PLUME, which aims at investigating the backgrounds near the interacting point. The Phase 2 vertex detector integration was practiced and the combined beam tests were accomplished at DESY. In this talk, the status of the Phase 2 vertex detector and the beam tests results are presented.


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  • H. Ye
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  • (On behalf  of the BEAST2 Collaboration)
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