A Review on Pyrolysis of Biomass and the Impacts of Operating Conditions on Product Yield, Quality, and Upgradation

  • Anil Kumar Varma
  • Ravi Shankar
  • Prasenjit MondalEmail author


Pyrolysis is a thermochemical conversion process where biomass is converted into liquid (bio-oil), solid (bio-char), and gaseous products (pyro-gas) under oxygen-depleted condition due to the application of heat. The composition and yield of pyrolysis products depend upon the operating parameters of the pyrolysis process and types of biomass. In pyrolysis process, it is essential to explore the effect of operating parameters on product yield and instinct about their optimization. The present study reviews the influence of operating parameters on product yield from existing literature on the pyrolysis biomass as well as product characterization and upgrading. The major operating parameters include pyrolysis temperature, heating rate, sweeping gas flow rate, and particle size of biomass. The study concludes that most biomass residues are suitable for pyrolysis and all the operating parameters play an important role in the yield of products and their characterization.


Biomass Pyrolysis Bio-oil Bio-char Pyrolysis conditions 


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  • Ravi Shankar
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  • Prasenjit Mondal
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