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Quality Management in Indian Industry

  • Shyama Prasad MukherjeeEmail author
Part of the India Studies in Business and Economics book series (ISBE)


Indian industry reflects a rapidly expanding entity with fast-changing product (and service) profiles, management styles and investment portfolios. At any point of time, a lot of diversity in emphasis on quality and cost among different industry types as also among different units within the same industry category comes to notice. Some industries—in both manufacturing and service sectors have realized the all-pervasive need for quality improvement as an integral component of strategic management—have put in place quite a few initiatives in that direction and are striving to achieve organizational excellence. A second discernible category is a bit conservative on quality, with necessary (but not sufficient) attention to comply with regulatory requirements or to boost corporate image, without sincerely linking quality with business. The third category with still a sizeable number includes organizations—large, medium and small engaged in manufacturing as also in providing services—can at the best be branded as ‘tool-pushers’. Some of them do have a Quality System, sometimes certified for conformity with ISO standards, but they lack a commitment to quality. However, their products and services are not always failing to meet customer requirements, if not expectations.


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