Post-Thrombotic Syndrome

  • Devendra Dekiwadia
  • Birju Patel
  • Dilip Vaghasia


PTS may be considered as a postinflammatory stage of the venous system whereupon the venous tone and functioning of the valves of the veins are jeopardised. In the lower extremities, this results in deranged functions of the veins to perform antigravity venous drainage. Chronic venous congestion in the lower limbs ends into a large volume of deoxygenated blood stored in the veins. This results from poor performance of the venous pump capable of evacuating out the blood from the tissues. In superficial venous system derangements, varicose veins, the skin surface and the immediate deeper tissues mainly above the deep fascia are affected. When the entire system is affected, all the tissues of the limb are affected. Maybe the clinical manifestation could be of stasis ulcers, skin changes, varicose veins, etc., but at a depth all the tissues of the lower limb are affected. Age, infection, DVT, outflow obstruction and anomalous venous circulation are capable of chronic degenerative changes of the veins collectively called phlebosclerosis.


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