Pathology of Ovary: Metastatic and Miscellaneous Tumours

  • Pranab Dey


This chapter describes the various miscellaneous and metastatic tumours of ovary with illustrations. The miscellaneous tumours of ovary include tumours of rete ovarii, mesothelial tumours, lymphoid and myeloid tumours, soft tissue tumours and various tumour-like lesions. In addition, metastatic tumour in ovary have also been discussed.


Krukenberg’s tumour Metastatic tumours Rete adenoma Wolffian tumour Small cell carcinoma of ovary Paraganglioma Adenomatoid tumour Leiomyoma ovary Lipoleiomyoma ovary Leiomyosarcoma ovary Fibrosarcoma ovary Non Hodgkin lymphoma of ovary Plasma cell tumour Leukaemia of ovary 


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