• Kaori Fuyuto
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An extension of the bosonic sector and CP phase are required to construct successful EWBG. The former plays a role in the negative contribution to the effective potential of the Higgs, and the latter is essential for generating the observed BAU. As seen in the light stop scenario, the introduction of the new colored particle into the model would be disfavored by the current LHC results. Regarding the CP phase, it should appear in the electroweak interaction with the Higgs VEVs. Taking into account this situation, the possible setup is as follows:
$$\displaystyle \text{UV-complete models} \supset \text{Extended Higgs sectors}+ \text{EW-interacting fermions}, $$
where it is assumed that irrelevant heavy particles are integrated out whatever a UV-complete model is. In this chapter, we focus on the extended model introducing new particles: two Higgs doublets, a real singlet, and EW-interacting fermions.


Real singlet 1st order electroweak phase transition 


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