Finance for the Elderly Care Industry: Business Mergers and Development Diversity

  • Zhuojun Cao
  • Qin Jing


With the further development of industrialization and urbanization, the traditional elderly care has been on the decline while the community care becomes popular. The elderly care industry, a new industrial form, emerges and is under constant improvement. Since the elderly care industry is marked by huge investment and long return cycle that requires strong supports of the financial sector, finance for the elderly care industry is thus developed. In recent years, under the joint efforts of the government and the market, finance for the elderly care industry in China has seen a series of achievements and is gradually moving toward industrialization and marketization. However, at present, China’s elderly care industry is still young and facing a series of challenges such as the implementation of macro-policies and the rigid financing channels for enterprises. With the increasing ageing population, the demand for elderly care industry will grow exponentially. It can be predicted that with the joint efforts of the government and the market, there will be tremendous room for the development of elderly care industry financing.


Finance for the elderly care industry Pension funds and capital markets PPP international mergers and acquisitions 


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