English Language and Other Software Used in Thesis

  • Ashutosh Mukherji


  • Need for English language proficiency: This chapter deals with the need for scientific writers to understand properly what they wish to convey, the necessity to be able to communicate with different researchers in a common language as well as the importance of proper presentation of their work.

  • Writing style: Scientific writing differs from common writing and there are definite rules and language styles involved. It is important for an author to understand all this.

  • APA rules: The sixth edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association has generally been considered the standard format for scientific writing style and structure. These rules govern writing styles, citations, references and help structure scientific writing.

  • Common mistakes in writing style people make in scientific writing: This section deals with common mistakes non-native English speakers make while writing and suggests means to understand and avoid such mistakes.

  • Other language software used in thesis and scientific writing: This section deals with the various commercially available software’s, both for checking grammar and writing style as well as for correct referencing and citation.


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