Practical Spirituality: Judaic and Multi-faith Practices of Transformations

  • Rabbi Pamela Frydman


Spirituality may be defined as the relationship between a person and his or her spirit. Practical spirituality is putting spirituality into practice. One may engage in practical spirituality to attain spiritual realization or to help others or even to help make the world a better place. One may also engage in practical spirituality for its own sake with no ulterior motive. In Judaism, this is called acting for the sake of heaven. Whether for personal realization, to help others, or for no ulterior motive, engaging in practical spirituality may lead one to experience divinity, which is an experience of transcending duality. When a person enters into unity with the divine, there is no duality. There may still be a body, a personality, and a life involving family, education, career, and much more; but there is no duality. This notion is difficult to comprehend with the small mind, but it is obvious to the spiritual mind. The goal of the stories and teaching in this chapter are to engage, challenge, and inspire the spiritual mind to touch upon the Oneness that exists beyond duality. These stories and teachings are intentionally chosen from diverse faiths with the hope of inspiring their readers to open their hearts and increase their capacities for love and tolerance of those who are different from us. The wisdom of the ages comes to bear upon this moment in human history. This is the moment in which we are living our lives, and yet, the wisdom of other eras, other faiths, and other paths can help us to realise that we are all part of the same Oneness and that Oneness includes all life and being.

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