Divine Path of Humanity: Co-creating “In the Image of God”

  • Nina Goncharova


Where are we? We are at the point of a transition from an earlier period of history into a new history. From a society where actions were based on egoism leading to self-destruction to a society of divine co-creation, where actions are based on love, beauty, and light in service to the whole.

Who are we? We are eternal divine beings created in the image of God. We are destined to be creators in connection with Nature, the Divine, and each other following the Universal and Divine laws. We are awakening and manifesting the divine essence and the true nature of human beings and humanity as a manifestation of God—Love.

Why are we here? God creates through us. We are here to create a divine path of humanity, the path of love, focused at human soul development and awakening divinity. The material world is mortal; the souls of humans are eternal. We are here to transform the material world by bringing love and beauty, spreading spiritual essence on Earth and in the Universe.

How? We should reconnect with the divine and become creators by stepping out of competitions and conflicts and consciously taking ever new levels of joyful responsibility for life and manifesting it in life by expressing love and beauty in service to the whole. Now parallel to an old society, a new attractive reality is emerging all over the world. A critical mass of conscious, creative people is made by waves of synchronized events for awakening divine human potential in the harmonious collective energy, envisioning a new positive future and forming teams of masters of transformation. We need a new outlook, new human relationships, and a new way of life manifested in a network of new communities as models of a divine path.

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