Land-Use Transformations: Leisure, Bio-energy and New Wineries

  • Nick Gallent
  • Iqbal Hamiduddin
  • Meri Juntti
  • Nicola Livingstone
  • Phoebe Stirling


The cases presented in this chapter examine investments that have underpinned transformative change in their respective rural economies and landscapes, beginning with Donald Trump’s investment in the Menie Estate, Scotland, and his project to deliver a world-ranking golf resort on one of Scotland’s most sensitive and important coastlines is considered. The second case study is an examination of the creation and operation of Moominworld in Naantali, Finland. Three further studies then track the growth of the biogas industry in Northern Ireland and its potential to raise and stabilise farm incomes, the development of the wine industry in southern England with investment from continental wine producers and, finally, the cultivation of willow in Finland for the production of biochar, used in soil improvement and water purification.


Land investment Leisure uses Bio-energy Bio-refinement Rural economies 


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