Concept-Based Electronic Health Record Retrieval System in Healthcare IOT

  • P. SonyEmail author
  • N. Sureshkumar
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Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 768)


The primary objective of Healthcare Internet Of Things (H-IOT) is to provide an early diagnosis and better treatment mechanism by establishing the connections with every active object in the healthcare world so that each individual objects can communicate with each other and they can take decisions up to some extent. Objects in H-IOT can be a wide variety of smart objects, from a wearable device attached to a patient body in one end of the spectrum to a data server stored in the healthcare provider at the other end. The data produced by these wearable’s, implanted devices or any other medical devices, are collected and stored with the previous patient records and it is analyzed. As different healthcare providers are following various standard formats for Electronic Health records (EHR), the huge amount of heterogeneous data gathered from multiple healthcare enterprises needs additional processing for the efficient retrieval of the medical documents as well as medical data. This paper presents how an intelligent data server can be designed to retrieve medical data and medical documents.


Electronic health records Healthcare IOT UMLS SVD LSI 


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