Peroneal Tendoscopy

  • Yuk Nam Yeung
  • Tun Hing Lui
  • Ka Hei Leung
  • Wai Chung Chan
  • Jordi Vega
  • Miki Dalmau
  • Diane Hei Yan Tai


Peroneal tendoscopy allows less invasive technique for diagnosis and treatment of peroneal tendon pathologies. The subcutaneous anatomical position of peroneal tendons along posterolateral aspect of fibula and lateral calcaneal wall makes them readily accessible by tendoscopic technique. Since its introduction in the 1998 [1], peroneal tendoscopy is becoming more popular as it allows direct visualization of peroneal tendons from myotendinous junctions to peroneal tubercle without extensive soft tissue dissection. It also allows dynamic assessment of the tendons inside the fibrous tendon sheath. Theoretically, this technique is associated with less postoperative adhesion and scar formation which will improve the functional outcome. The merits of small incision also facilitate faster rehabilitation with less wound pain and complications.


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