The Research of Government Procurement Service System Design in Urban Public Transportation

  • Kun YuEmail author
  • Zhaohui Zhong
  • Zhuo Wang
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Recent years, as with the cost increase of the fuel and social labor, the cost of urban public transportation enterprise is constantly rising. In addition to this, the expansion of the policy-oriented welfare to urban public transportation area by government, the decrease of enterprise income, leads to the sustainable development predicament of local urban city public transportation enterprise. Public transportation enterprise has highly relied on public transportation subsidies to maintain operation. Thus, the internal impetus driving of them is insufficient, the service level of which is lower than expected. Local government has carried out research on urban public transportation area procurement system. Although they have system design on operation cost programming, service quality evaluation, subsidies budget guarantee, the perspectiveness, systematicness, concertedness, fairness, operativeness and fineness of system needs to be improved. This thesis has considered the interaction and engagement of cost, ticket price, subsidies and service quality evaluation, designs public transportation area government procurement system comprehensively. It simulates the government procurement service system designing and policy releasing, improves the government offered public transportation service method, and fully mobilizes the initiative of operation cost control, service quality improvement, which finally enhances the fiscal subsidies efficiency. The total simulation is based on Qing Dao city.


Government procurement system System design Urban public transportation Subsidy method 


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