The Design of Quality Assessment Mode for Public Transit Service—From Rough to Accurate

  • Chang XuEmail author
  • Kun-jie Chen
  • Xian-tong Jiang
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In order to improve the service level of Qingdao city bus, enhance the management of the transit industry management department, and improve the efficiency of the financial subsidies, this paper concludes the basic principles of service quality assessment, designs the systematic, integral and scientific evaluation index system, and selects the specific indexes of service quality assessment and distributes the weight of the indicators, combining the experience from various assessments of domestic and international public transit system service levels and based on the analysis of service level of the public transit system in Qingdao. Also, the paper combines the evaluation results with the enterprises’ financial subsidies and managerial authority, which largely effectively improves the enthusiasm and initiative of public transit enterprises and establishes a solid foundation for the comprehensive upgrade of the service level of Qingdao transit system.


Service quality Evaluation index system Results application 


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