Research on the Key Technology in the Specification for Traffic Impact Analysis

  • Xian-tong JiangEmail author
  • Hui Xiong
  • Chang Xu
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With the development of urbanization and mobility, traffic issues have increasingly emerged. Due to the large construction scale and the influence of the development, traffic was generated on the network of roads around the project on the whole city, some development plan schemes and development projects would lead to supply–demand imbalance in the traffic of road nets, aggravating the tense situation of urban traffic and triggering a new and chain of traffic issues. Thus, traffic impact analysis is playing a bigger role in the rational development of urban construction and coordinate development between traffic and land exploration and utilization. According to the research on the national and international specification for traffic impact analysis, the article analyzed real issues in the practices, for one thing. For another thing, the author focused on certain key technology, such as traffic impact analysis type, start threshold, research scope, parking demand prediction, etc. The paper aims to provide a basis and technological support for the establishment of the Specification for Traffic Impact Analysis.


Traffic impact analysis Specification Development project Development plan scheme 


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