Gall Bladder Cancer with Jaundice: The Unscaled Frontier

  • Anu Behari
  • V. K. Kapoor
Part of the GI Surgery Annual book series (GISA, volume 24)


Gallbladder cancer (GBC), the most common malignancy of the biliary tract, continues to be a challenge. Complete surgical resection, whenever possible, remains the best chance of cure. Surgical obstructive jaundice (SOJ) in GBC is well known as an important predictor of poor prognosis [1–3]. It is associated with several unfavourable anatomical, physiological and pathological features which together translate into poor chances of a curative surgical resection and an overall poor prognosis. This is reflected in the literature as the absence of a large series of curative resections in patients with GBC and SOJ. We address the anatomical and pathological basis, role, efficacy and results of surgical resection in patients with GBC and SOJ; palliation (surgical or non-surgical) of SOJ is not being addressed.


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