Unusual Presentations of Gallstones

  • Ashish Singh
  • Ajit Mishra
  • Rajan Saxena
Part of the GI Surgery Annual book series (GISA, volume 24)


Gallstone disease is a common global problem resulting in millions of cholecystectomies annually. Its prevalence has been reported to be 5–15% [1, 2] in the West. In India its prevalence is reported to be 3–6% [3, 4]. Interestingly the prevalence is seven times more in northern than in southern India [5]. Most often its presentation is straightforward, posing no diagnostic or therapeutic dilemma, but in certain situations its presentation is unusual, posing management challenges to the clinician. Most surgeons will encounter few such challenges in their career, but prudence requires one to be prepared to face such situations and surprises, as they do not announce themselves. The following account is a distillate of 28 years of experience with biliary surgery at a high-volume centre. We hope this will help improve the approach to and management of those unusual situations.


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