Chronic Pancreatitis

  • Hariharan Ramesh


The term “chronic pancreatitis” (CP) implies an irreversible change in the acinar and ductal elements of the pancreas. This is based on the initial descriptions of the disease in the 1990s [1]. More recently an international mechanistic definition has emerged—“a persistent and often progressive fibro-inflammatory disease of the pancreas, most often seen in alcoholics, smokers and genetically predisposed individuals, which presents clinically with recurrent bouts of pancreatitis in its early stages and manifests with pain, ductal calcification, diabetes and steatorrhea in its later stages [2]”. However, this definition overlooks the fact that the condition in its preclinical early stages may neither be persistent nor progressive and not necessarily be irreversible. The pathophysiology of the disease is far from clear; many causes exist and each may affect the pancreas in its unique way. Thus chronic pancreatitis may represent a watershed pathomorphologic condition caused by various aetiologies.


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