Support for Smokers to Quit

  • Gonghuan Yang


In this chapter we review how to implement Article14 of WHO FCTC assisting smokers to quit tobacco use in China. In 2015, the currently smokers run up to 315 million, only 18% ever smokers gave up smoking, but proportion of taking action to quit (quitter and relapse maker) was increasing over 50%, which revealed the tremendous and increasing demand for smoking cessation in China. Chinese government has supported the popularization and establishment of cessation clinics and hotlines, introduced simple smoking cessation intervention techniques, updated guidance in cessation clinics and developed guidance cessation hotline although these strategies and measures are need to be further improved. However, why a few people visit the smoking cessation clinic in China with great demand for smoking cessation? The fundamental reasons are related to that Chinese government have not integrated tobacco dependence diagnosis, treatment and counseling into their health-care systems, especially into the primary medical service. Also the costs of quitting services and treatment are totally not covered with the medical insurance plan or by public funding or reimbursement schemes. Chinese government should adjust the current cessation strategy and take effective measures on the WHO recommendations approach of offering quit help, to promote cessation of smokers and adequate treatment for tobacco dependence.


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