Action Subject and Surroundings of Tobacco Control and Anti Tobacco Control in China

  • Gonghuan Yang


The tobacco control has been carried out in China with 1.3 billion population under the leadership of a single party, the Communist Party of China with multi-party cooperation and political Consultation. The delegates of NPC and CPPCC are an approach to contact the process in decision-making, the issues related to tobacco control are important topic in their bills or proposals. In the Inter-Ministry Coordination and Steering Committee for Implementation of WHO FCTC (the Steering Committee) in China, the most ministries advocates positive tobacco control, but it was a fatal mistake that STMA has become a member of the Steering Committee, in charge of implementing the WHO FCTC items regarding packaging, labeling, and regulation of the contents disclosures of tobacco products, which provides convenient conditions for tobacco industry to blockade tobacco control in China. Many medical, public health experts, and legal experts participated in tobacco control campaigns, which are important tobacco control force. The experts in the name of a professional organization, a non-governmental organization or an individual, expressed their views and suggestions by publishing research or investigation report, letter of appeal, and so on. Mass media communicated their comments to influence public opinion, then influence policy making. The tobacco companies is a strong anti tobacco control interest group. STMA/CNTC used their considerable economic and political influence to interfere the legislation of tobacco control at the national and local levels with a series of strategies and tricks. In addition, some government leaders don’t really want to implement policies related to tobacco control and worry about tobacco control reducing the government’s income from cigarettes. The anti tobacco control force is very strong at present.


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