Superficial Varicosis of Lower Extremity

  • Wen Tian
  • Zhijun Mei
  • Zaiping JingEmail author


Lower extremity superficial varicosis is the most common vascular disease. Strictly speaking, lower extremity varicose vein is not an independent disease but a clinical manifestation of lower extremity venous disease. Its treatment can be classified into conservative treatment and surgical treatment. Depending on the principles followed, surgical treatment can be further classified into the removal of diseased vein and in situ destruction of diseased vein. At the Vascular Surgery Department of Changhai Hospital, the surgical treatment for lower extremity varicose vein no longer requires hospitalization, as it can be entirely completed at the outpatient department, without delaying one’s normal routines. This chapter introduces clinical manifestations, minimally invasive surgery process, and intraoperative observation points of lower extremity varicose vein.


Lower extremity varicose vein Minimally invasive 


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