Embedding of Tissue in Histopathology

  • Pranab Dey


This chapter discusses the embedding of the tissue in the medium to make a block for tissue sectioning and archival preservation of the representative tissue. The choice of the embedding medium of the tissue depends on type of tissue, type of microtomy and also type of microscope to examine the tissue. The various commonly used embedding media are discussed in this section along with the process of the embedding. Liquid paraffin is the most commonly used embedding medium in the histopathology laboratory. Nowadays various commercially available embedding systems are present in the market that provide liquid paraffin in a constant temperature along with a cold plate to cool the tissue block. Finally the orientation of the tissue in the embedding medium is discussed as this is a vital part to get useful information from the tissue.


Embedding of tissue Embedding medium Paraffin wax Agar gel Tissue-Tek system 


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