CO Intoxication with Cortical Blindness

  • An-Guor Wang


A 27-year-old female presented after losing consciousness in the bathroom due to CO intoxication 2 years ago. She was sent to the emergency room of another hospital. According to her family, she woke up a few days later and experienced visual disturbances in both eyes. She came to our clinic for an ophthalmic consultation. Normal visual acuity of 6/6 was found in both eyes. Anterior segments were normal with prompt light reflexes noted in both pupils. Fundoscopic examination revealed normal eye ground (Fig. 22.1). GDx examination showed normal nerve fiber layer thickness in both eyes (Fig. 22.2). A visual field test demonstrated a specific homonymous pattern of constricted bilateral fields with vertical steps (Fig. 22.3). MRI showed multiple lesions in bilateral parieto-occipital regions with low signal on T1-weighted images and high signal on T2-weighted images, compatible with encephalomalacia (Fig. 22.4).


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