Ubiquitous Learning and Digital Badges in the Age of Hyper-connectivity

  • Yoonil AuhEmail author
  • Heejung Raina Sim
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Ubiquitous learning (U-learning) in the age of hyper-connectivity offers a new learning space that is shifting the dynamics of the formal to informal learning continuum, and therefore encouraging industries to explore alternative preferences for learning and credentialing in the 21st century. Lately, the uses of digital badges to credential learning have been amplified in schools and businesses through many innovative means. Yet, badge application is an open-textured concept where no single static application exists. This paper discusses salient characteristics of badges from a pedagogical standpoint and discusses exemplary case studies of badge use in the education and business sectors. This paper contributes to the discourse on the badge use as a viable mechanism for learning credentials in a U-learning society. The paper also identifies the current limitations of badges where the authors recommend that badges be regarded as an additional instrument in the scaffolding of learner understanding of crucial material, rather than it being intended to replace traditional formats of learning validation.


U-computing U-learning Digital badge Hyper-connectivity 


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